Travis Berry understands that motorcyclists are often not seen on the highway and the responsible party is often not held responsible in the courtroom. Regardless of the experience of an operator of a motorcycle, accidents occur when other drivers pull out in front of you and the motorcycle crash is caused by the other driver’s failure to understand the rules of the road.  Motorcyclists need an Arkansas motorcycle accident attorney that understands the rules of the road and leaves no stone unturned in the investigation of your case.

Because motorcycle injuries tend to be much more severe, you need an attorney who understands how important working with medical professionals are. Establishing and being able to clearly show the extent and cause of an injury is a critical aspect of an attorneys job. At the Law Offices of Travis Berry, we have dealt with serious and fatal injuries and worked closely with doctors and other medical professionals for decades. Our team knows just what to do to make sure your case’s success and the truth of your injuries come to light against the responsible parties and insurance companies!

If you are hurt or injured in a motorcycle wreck and need the help of a Board Certified experienced trial attorney with a proven track record, contact the Law Offices of Travis Berry.  Fill out the contact form or simply dial (870) 246-7650 and tell us about your situation without any obligation.

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