Product Liability

The Law Offices of Travis Berry has vast experience in product liability such as defective stoves and hot water heaters to improperly working agricultural equipment and defective firearms.  We are here to hold the manufacturer, distributor and seller of products responsible!

Travis Berry has served as lead counsel in multi-district litigations pending in Federal Court involving defective products.  At the Law Offices of Travis Berry, we understand the legal requirements of developing a team of experts to address the defectiveness of the product.  We work daily with experts and understand how to hold the negligent party responsible for supplying an unreasonably dangerous product to the consumer.  EXPERIENCE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Defective products can often cause death or serious personal injury.  At the Law Offices of Travis Berry, we will meticulously put your case together to hold the company responsible for the failure to properly design, manufacture or warn of a danger.  We have the experience and proven results to ensure the parties responsible for your injuries are held accountable.

FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.  If you have suffered injuries or damages from a defective product and need the help of a Board Certified experienced trial attorney with a proven track record, contact the Law Offices of Travis Berry.  Fill out the contact form or simply dial (870) 246-7650 and tell us about your situation without any obligation.

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