Slip and fall

Also known as “trip and fall”, these cases involve all premise liability claims where an individual is injured.  Travis Berry has experience in many cases involving injury claims arising out of negligence of the owner of the premises.  The duty owed to a guest is different than the duty owed to a trespasser.  These claims are not limited to the traditional injuries that occur when a foreign substance is left on the floor at the local grocery store resulting in a patron suffering an injury.

An accessibility evaluation should be conducted to ensure the premises comply with the American Disabilities Act. Sometimes it is prudent to retain an expert to evaluate the environment and the human interactions that should be anticipated.  An injury can occur in an unsafe environment without any notice or suspicion of an unsafe situation.

Make sure you have an attorney who has the experience needed to understand these cases.  Travis Berry has worked on lawsuits involving defective staircases, defective ladders, foreign substances on the floor, falling shelves at a supermarket, moving display units and dozens of other situations which result in an injury to an unsuspecting person.

If you were injured in a situation where you believe there may have been some negligence or failure to warn on the part of the owner of the property, call now for your free consultation and legal claim evaluation.

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